Stealing from Giants

By Alexander Hewitt

Jack crawled towards the giant’s lair.

He could smell the treasure inside, but knew it was guarded.

He crept forward, touching the door, slowly pressing it open.

The giant was there.

She hadn’t seen him.

He pushed out his hand…



“I saw that!” the giant boomed.

Jack fled with his prize, but the giant chased him, grabbing his waist and heaving him into the air! Then Jack’s mother tickled him until he couldn’t breathe.

“Remind me to lock the door next time,” she laughed.

Jack smiled in her arms, taking a bite of the stolen cookie. “Nope!”

Alexander Hewitt is a writer currently based in London, UK. He travels whenever possible, never sleeps enough, and is rather fond of wearing hats. He has an occasionally updated blog, and you can follow him more regularly on twitter at @alexandrjhewitt or instagram @alexanderjhewitt.