My Characters Mock Me

By Simra Sadaf

Why won’t you act as I say?” asks the author, furious.

His characters laugh at him.

Don’t patronise me. I created you all,” he says, slapping the table.

You didn’t create us. You just write about the people you come across in real life while altering minute details.

The author is hammered. He replies, “Fine. I’ll write a poem today.

Sure, write another poem that nobody asked for,” says the character inspired by the writer’s best friend.

I want to be the main lead. I get the girl and we settle in Greece,” demands the side character.

No. I am killing you in Chapter 14.

No, you are not. Haven’t you learnt anything yet? We call the shots here. You don’t create or kill us. On the contrary, you exist because we do. We give you a reason to breathe.

The author bends the knee and dips his nib in submission, as always.

Simra Sadaf, from Chennai, India, has pursued her Master’s in English Literature. With a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, she has an abundant knowledge about the workings of a society which she incorporates in her writings. Literature drives her spirit and words churn her soul.