What Goes Around Comes Around

By Sowmya

The boss barked at the employee to get his head out of the clouds: “Sid, screw performance! The more we make, the richer we could be. We are not trying to make the best product here!”

The frustrated employee went home and sided with his mother, who insisted his wife wear something different for her party: “Please adjust, darling.”

The annoyed wife yelled at the overworked housekeeper for doing a crummy job of washing vessels: “Lazy woman!”

The irritated housekeeper ridiculed her seven year old when he tried to show her the drawing he made in school: “Go away, urchin!”

The disappointed boy kicked his dog in anger.

The dog yelped about clueless and bit the ass of a man walking by. The man let out the sharpest howl: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww!

“I can’t make it to work today, Sid. I’m unwell,” he called the employee the next morning.

And the next twelve mornings!

Sowmya is an educator, writer and parent. She loves to doodle, daydream and binge on books, food and TV. Sowmya wishes to have one year of nothing-but-reading-and-writing time to work on her classic, all expenses paid. Not unlike Harper Lee. She’s now accepting applications for generous donors 😁. She can be found sleepwalking on Twitter @sowmya.