Summer Fun

By Elyse Russell

It was the hottest day of the year, and Death was boiling eyeballs on the sidewalk. 

She sat near the empty playground under a dogwood tree, and wondered why no one ever wanted to play with her. 

Decay ambled over to see what she was up to. He watched for a moment.

“Yummy,” he commented, taking a deep drag off his maggot cigarette. 

“Ahh,” he breathed, spilling plumes of sulfurous yellow smoke from between his brown teeth. 

“Everything in moderation.” Then he wandered away again, and Death peeled another eyeball. Maybe Life would come along to play. Life was a weirdo.

Elyse Russell enjoys writing short stories and graphic novels. She loves naps and cheese. Look for her creepy short story, “This Girl is Ours,” in the upcoming summer issue of Last Girl’s Club. Follow her on Twitter @ElyseRussell13  (BraveLittleTeapotThoughts).