How To Turn Your Dreams Into Profit

By Camille Lewis

Live stream your consciousness online, as strangers watch from their beds, their living rooms. Dreamwatcher98 remarks that I dream too much of you and need to get a life, this gets removed by a moderator. If we spend one third of our lives asleep, I must live long and well to increase my chances of reaching you in my dreams.

On Tuesday we had our highest numbers yet. I dreamed I went fishing with my dad and caught nothing.

I had seen this happen in film. The moment where boy becomes man, the father bestows wisdom. When in my dream I received only sounds (a cap unscrewed, the gulping of liquid) the chat explodes with reactions. This is a firework display for them. Forgettable.

I have yet to forget that my dad carried his flask close to his heart: that left no room for his son.

Camille Lewis is a writer, avid reader and self-proclaimed Plathian who lives and learns with borderline personality disorder. She can be found crossing off days on a calendar until the next instalment of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series is released. Camille resides in South West England and tweets from @camiwriteswords.