By Emma Kathryn

Melissa stared at the cold grey box as the software developer tapped away on a tablet.

“I think I was expecting spirit boards more than circuit boards,” Melissa laughed awkwardly.

“Oh, Mrs Doyle, even mediums had to evolve sometime,” the developer smiled. “We’ve got the readings we need so we should be able to go live whenever you’re ready.”

“Go live…” the widow repeated, staring at the box as her palms began to sweat.

The software developer beamed and gave a final enthusiastic tap. “We have a signal! Your husband is waiting for you, Mrs Doyle.”

White noise crackled from the box then went silent. “Melissa?” called an unmistakable voice through a metal speaker. Harry.

Melissa burst into tears. It had worked.

Emma Kathryn is a horror fanatic from Glasgow, Scotland. You can find her on Twitter @ girlofgotham. When she’s not scaring herself to death, she is either podcasting as one half of The Yearbook Committee Podcast or she’s streaming indie games on Twitch.