By Lori Cramer

  1. Judging by his hat, he’s a Reds fan. 

  2. He must be a regular because the bartender keeps coming over and joking with him.  

  3. His frequent laughter—hearty yet not obnoxious—implies he’s a good-natured man.  

  4. He’s drinking the Draft of the Day, which most likely means he’s not pretentious.  

  5. His beard has more than a few gray strands, suggesting a certain level of maturity. 
  6. He never glances over when the door opens, so he must not be waiting for anybody. 

  7. The bar stool next to him is unoccupied—but not for long.

Lori Cramer writes prose of various lengths, from Twitterature to novels, but her favorite length is 100 words. Her 100-word stories have appeared in The Drabble, Sledgehammer,Splonk, Unbroken Journal, Whale Road Review, and elsewhere. Links to her writing can be found at Twitter: @LCramer29.