Blooming in Captivity

By Rachel Canwell

Behind tinted glass I feel their eyes.


Waiting for me to unfurl, to come to life. Poised to cultivate their long awaited prize. 

I rise, stretch, and inwardly laugh, as immediately shadows fly to the glass, their palms pressed hard against the pane.

I lift my hands to match theirs, to feel the connection. Revel in my power. 

Not long now. 

I feel it gnawing at my joints, cracking around the edges, coursing through my veins. 

And when I bloom, I will bloom like a bruise. Smothering their expectations with the violet and magenta of my shattered, captive soul. 

Rachel Canwell is a blogger, reader and writer who is working on her first novel. She is also falling in love with Flash Fiction a little bit more each day.