By Ruth Callaghan do Valle

“Is that your new cleaner? What’s she like?” “Oh, yes, that’s just Tina. She’s a bit robotic, you know, but when you set her to mopping she just mops until it’s all clean.” After the briefest of scuffles, Tina resumed her mopping and mopped until it was all clean.

Ruth Callaghan do Valle lives in rural Brazil with her husband and three-year-old. Author of chapbook ‘The fierce belonging of home’, her poetry has also been published in TunaFish Journal, streetcake magazine, The Minison Project, Lost Pen Magazine, Off Menu Press and Re-side Zine. You can find her on Twitter (@rufusmctoofus) or on her blog (https://brazilfromtheoutsidein.wordpress.com/books/).