By Rhianna Levi

A single crystallised feather soared over my head amidst the aroma of spring, my legs caressing the grass as I walked into the wilderness. Was this a saunter which had been embraced by the kisses of heated rain? No, this journey had no destination. All I knew is that I could not go back, not to that ghastly building in which screaming occurred all so naturally.

At what point can someone demand to be heard, when all others hear is a static of white noise that absorbs no vocabulary? This grass propels a warm hug in comparison to where I have come from; I refuse to have high hopes for whatever may be on the other side of that wall of intimidation.

To speak is both a blessing and a curse, much like human life.

Rhianna Levi is a BA Hons English Literature graduate and teacher in Secondary English/PSHE and Citizenship, beginning her MA in Education from September 2021. Outside her career in education and academia, Rhianna is passionate about mental health advocacy, the Humanities and the Arts. Additionally, Rhianna has a strong social media following, which she uses to spread awareness of prominent social issues, education, and kindness.  Rhianna lives in Worcester, England.

Social Media:

Twitter: @LittleRhiRhi_

Instagram: HellToReality98