a city that felt like home and a girl who belonged elsewhere

By Tamara Bašić

This is what she remembered: a vast spread of buildings that touched the clear azure sky, lively atmosphere among streets that were filled with restaurants and colorful shops, a crowd of people lining up to see the Parthenon; and in between all that, something no other city had ever given her – bits and pieces of her hometown, a feeling that wasn’t so much homesickness as it was content, not so much loneliness as it was joy, and not a desire to leave, but a desire to stay.

Finally, when it was time to go, the city kept calling out for her; one day, she would answer it.

Tamara Bašić (she/her) lives in Croatia, where she is frequently thinking about all the stories she’s procrastinating on writing. She can also often be found reading, trying to become a polyglot, staring at the sky in awe, and viciously daydreaming. Her work is also featured or forthcoming in Journal of EratoSouthchild Lit and The Hearth Magazine. For more writings and updates, you can find her on social media @authortamarab