The Tuesday Chirp

releases we’re excited about

After a couple of weeks off (hey, it’s summer), we’re back with our list of a few of the brand-new releases that make us want to take vacation, drive to the bookstore, and spend all day reading.

Cover for Blush by Jamie Brenner

Blush, Jamie Brenner

Described as “an ode to the blockbuster novels that have shaped generations of women,” this gorgeous novel features a vineyard, three generations of women at a crossroads, and a “trashy” book club.

Cover for Blackout (an anthology)

Blackout [anthology]

Six of YA’s most celebrated authors join here to create this collection of interconnected stories about Black love, all set over the course of a summer-night blackout in NYC.

Cover for Daughters of Sparta by Claire Heywood

Daughters of Sparta, Claire Heywood

A reimagining of the siege of Troy from sisters Helen and Klytemnestra’s perspectives. (!)

Cover for Skye Falling by Mia Mckenzie

Skye Falling, Mia Mckenzie

This story of a tumbleweed-carefree woman in her 40s meeting “the egg” she donated in her 20s looks to be quirky and bighearted, just how we like ’em here at The Birdseed.

Cover for Darling by K. Ancrum

Darling, K. Ancrum

A reimagining of Peter Pan, in which Peter is a boy who whisks Wendy off for a night in Chicago’s underground.  The juicy tagline: “Not all lost boys should be saved.”  

Cover for The Secret Keeper of Jaipur by Alka Joshi

The Secret Keeper of Jaipur, Alka Joshi

The sequel to last year’s The Henna Artist.

new in paperback

The New Wilderness, Diane Cook

THIS BOOK. This was our EIC’s favorite read of 2020. It’s gorgeous and brutal, and it’ll stay with you. 

Cover for The New Wilderness by Diane Cook

The Lightness, Emily Temple

This novel explores a teenager’s coming of age, set at a summer mediation (levitation?) camp

Cover for The Lightness by Emily Temple

Tokyo Ueno Station, Yu Miri

The 2020 National Book Award Winner in Translated Literature features a ghost haunting Tokyo Ueno Station and a powerful connection to the Olympics–pick this one up before the Olympics start.

Cover for Tokyo Ueno Station by Yu Miri

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