By Soleah K. Sadge

The downstairs door squeaks open. Hubby is back early. Jumping to her feet, Grimhilde stumbles to her dresser and snatches her rings. Her skeletal fingers fumble with them. No time to check their sizes. Seven Heavens. She just needs to put them on. Done.

A stunning brunette smiles at her in the mirror, right as he steps inside.

“I’ve missed you.“

He grips her hands firmly and kisses them. She chuckles as he lets go.


Freed from his fist, her Youth-Ring hits the floor by her suddenly misshapen feet. He gapes at her. It’s too late.

Tameless time, damn you.

Soleah K. Sadge is a contemporary fantasy author, who enjoys traveling to places tied to legends and folklore that she can use in her stories. She resides in the United States where she reads, writes, knits, and teaches. 

For more information, visit Soleah’s website at https://soleahkennasadge.com or follow her on Twitter and Instagram (@sksadge).