Soup’s Watching You

By Essie Dee

I have a mini gourd I call Gord. It’s oblong, warty, multicoloured, and has googly eyes. A gourd is a squash. Squish squish squash. And he will one day, be squashed. A squished squash. Gord sits on my desk. At the edge. He sits on the edge of my desk. I hope he doesn’t fall. And get squished. Mail cart bumps my desk, an eye falls to floor. Gord sits on my desk. Beside my keyboard. He sits beside my keyboard on my desk. I’m hungry. Squash soup for lunch? Beware of googly eyes in your bowl.

Essie Dee is a Canadian author whose writing has appeared in The Cabinet of Heed, Nightingale & Sparrow, Cauldron Anthology, Clover & White, Reflex Fiction, Ellipses Zine and Crêpe & Penn. She enjoys running, reading, and spending time in nature.