Open Arms

By Don Tassone

It was another lonely, dreary day online.

Through his bedroom window, someone walking in the cul-de-sac caught Jacob’s eye.  It was Madison.  Jacob’s heart beat faster. 

He and Madison were close as children, but she’d become one of the cool kids.  They hadn’t seen each other in person in a long time.

Wasn’t Madison in class this morning?  Jacob looked down at his screen.  She wasn’t there.  His gaze shot back to the street.  There she was, walking alone.

Jacob got up, made his way past rooms where his parents were on Zoom calls and slipped out the front door. 

As kids, Jacob and Madison ran to each other, so happy to see one another.  Now he ran to catch up with her.  She heard his footsteps and turned around.

“Hey, Maddie,” he said, slowing to a walk.

“Hey, Jake,” she said with a smile and open arms.

Don Tassone is the author of two novels and six short story collections.  He lives in Loveland, Ohio.  Visit him at