A Nice View

By Niles Reddick

“You know there’s no guarantee the grass is greener if you take that new job and move away. Nobody will know you, the raise you get will go to the state since their taxes are higher, the weather is colder, and your utilities will be higher.”

“You’re right, but I’ll take it over the deadbeats at work who spend more time trying to get out of working than working, a crumbling economy with dried up businesses and a rising crime rate, and fake friends in the community and even at church who act like I have COVID when they see me in the grocery store.”

“How do you know it won’t be the same somewhere else?”

“I don’t. The grass may not be greener, but at least I’ll have a nice view of a lake and some mountains in the background, and my Christmas photo card will make people jealous.”

Niles Reddick is author of a novel, two collections, and a novella. His work has been featured in nineteen anthologies, twenty-one countries, and in over four hundred publications including The Saturday Evening Post, PIFBlazeVoxNew Reader MagazineCitron Review, and The Boston Literary Magazine. Website: http://nilesreddick.com/