The Mandelbrot Set

By Irina Moga

I dreamt I was at my grandparents’ house once more ­­– in the Danube plain.

An invisible hand knocked on the kitchen window.

The kitchen was crowded with cousins and neighbors; a stove was at the forefront of the action, with boiling pans and painted wooden spoons. An orange cat was always on the prowl. On a corner of the dining table, rosemary sprigs were laid out to dry.

The windows were covered by embroidered curtains.

The hand knocked again.

Zn+1 = Zn2 + C,

the hand wrote on the windowpane.

The Mandelbrot set: letters and numbers that make up the fractal formula:

z is closer to lemon rind

n is evasive

c is industrious

1 is curious and smart

2 is oh so elegant

White curtains fluttered briefly.

“Someone close the door,” they said.

 “It’s getting drafty in here.”

This was when I awoke – inside the fractal, in another time.

Irina Moga‘s book, “Sea Glass Circe,” was launched as part of Toronto LitUp!, Toronto International Festival of Authors (TIFA) in 2020.

Irina’s latest collection of poems, “Variations sans palais,” was published with Éditions L’Harmattan (France) in 2020.

Her work has appeared in literary magazines such as: “Canadian Literature,” “carte-blanche,” “PRISM International” online, “Poetry Quarterly,” “Lettres Capitales,” and elsewhere.