Stars, Take Her

By Elaine Eleri

She lies on the mat and looks up at the sky. The stars have nowhere to hide their brilliance tonight. She takes in as much as she can, sighs, then registers the light breeze that rustles the leaves. Even with this, it’s too quiet. She misses her grandmother who, she likes to think, is up there in the stars’ embrace, making friends with the characters of her stories. Tomorrow, when the killer machines are put to use, the trees, the grass she’s lying on, will be no longer. There will be murder in broad daylight, and she will wonder if the trees yearn to be up above where the greediness of these creatures cannot touch them. Tomorrow, she will feel her heart wrench itself out, and she will wish that the stars take her too. She has fought. Now, there is only silent surrender.

Elaine Eleri is born and raised in Singapore. Despite being a healthcare professional, writing and art have always been where her heart belongs. She can be found on Twitter (@elaineleri) and Tumblr ( She is also known as Elaine Aneira, a digital artist.