Invade in 3…2…1!

By Elyse Russell

“What is this stuff?”

“They call it coffee.”

“How do you coffee?”

“How would I know? Stop doing that, we’re getting looks.”

“It smells terrible.”

“Just observe and try to blend in, will you?”

“Fine, alright. Just curious. I like to learn.”

“Why bother? It’ll all be gone soon.”

“Well, that’s depressing. Just trying to have fun with it.”

“Stop poking it!”

“It’s hot! It feels funny!”

“Knock it off. The others will be in place soon.”

“Look, you can drip it!”

“Will you stop?”

“Don’t worry, they’ll just think I’m stupid.”

“They’re all stupid. That’s why they’re our prey.”

Elyse Russell enjoys writing short stories and graphic novels. She loves naps and cheese. Look for her creepy short story, “This Girl is Ours,” in the upcoming summer issue of Last Girl’s Club. Follow her on Twitter @ElyseRussell13  (BraveLittleTeapotThoughts).