By April Yates

Years of careful cultivation have led to this. A flower that is indistinguishable from any ordinary wildflower but nigh on indestructible. Impervious to all known poisons and weedkillers.

Unable to be cut, I’ve broken so many blades to be sure of this.

I’ve bred a plant imbrued with the tenacity and speed of Japanese knotweed reaching maturity in a day, but will continue to grow and creep. Breaking through bricks and foundations.

Breaking through the hubris of man

I set forth with my rucksack of seed bombs ready for war.  Tonight my hometown, tomorrow I will be going further afield.

April Yates lives in Derbyshire with her wife and two fluffy demons masquerading as dogs.She should be working on her novella about the horrors of Golden Age Hollywood, but is easily distracted by the squirrels in her garden. Find her on Twitter @April_Yates_ and tell her to get back to work, or