Plaiting Water

By April Yates

The thing no one tells you about being a lesbian is the amount of hair that gets everywhere!

 Shower, sink all blocked with regularity it’s an old house; the drains aren’t equipped.

Does she ever do any of the maintenance or housework? 


As my mum always used to say you’ve more chance of plaiting water.

I just wanted to wash my hands, but the sink is full. I reach in and pluck a clump of hair that goes on and on.

As the noose lays soaking wet around her neck, I think.

 Huh, I guess you can plait water.

April Yates lives in Derbyshire with her wife and two fluffy demons masquerading as dogs.She should be working on her novella about the horrors of Golden Age Hollywood, but is easily distracted by the squirrels in her garden. Find her on Twitter @April_Yates_ and tell her to get back to work, or