By Patrice Assiongbon Sowanou

I know I am alive again because nature did not reject me, said Oceany, who was set into oblivion and abandoned after being diagnosed with a deadly disease.

I owe my existence to nature, who gives me hope and joy to live day by day. As I can tell, there are so many things that am very grateful for:

the beautiful morning with bright sunrise,

___ the colorful sunset that lifts my spirit to peace every afternoon,

______the healthy breeze coming from the trees,

_________the soul-soothing echo coming from the cascade,

____________the fresh scent coming from the flowers,

_______________the melodious praises coming from the birds,

I am the bird singing praise. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say THANK YOU, dear nature.

Thank you for saving me from a polluted and corrupted society.

Patrice Assiongbon Sowanou from West Africa is a journalist, reporter, writer and a volunteer humanitarian. He advocates for the Freedom of Speech for the underrepresented communities and exemplifies Freedom after Speech.