Mind Shadows

By Jim Freeze

While browsing the shelves of an old country store, moments from the past gathered in my mind like familiar snapshots of memories.

Along the Causeway was a boardwalk extending a short distance into the Lake with a viewing gazebo attached to the end . A small island of Cyprus trees sat in the Lake in front of the Outlook and you could often see bald eagles nesting in there foliage.

It was a small fishing village abandoned by late 20th century economics. Most everyone there was bound to the sea but for many it was an avocation. Only a few crusty residents still earned a living from fishing. Turning onto the old ferry Landing Road I saw abandoned boats, collapsing  houses and boat parts scattered everywhere.

I could not delineate if this was memory or psychological trickery but for a brief and calming moment, I was home again.

Jim Freeze is seventy-five years old, retired and widowed. He was happily married for fifty-four years and has two grown sons. He began writing in early 2012 to have something to do. His short stories have been featured in many publications including—–(Brilliant Flash Fiction, Calliope Magazine, The Original Writer and Literally Stories.)