An Angel Contemplates the Nature of Passion

By Debbie Robson

I wonder What is a man? as I drive down Market Street, Sydney. “What is this quintessence of dust?” as Shakespeare writes. Do my passengers see me as a man when they hop into my cab? I drive past the State Theatre, a gothic skyscraper reaching for the stars. Inside magic unfurling every night while I wait for the patrons as they stream out. Passion often blossoming in the back seat. Whispers, stolen kisses that will take them to rooms, curtains drawn, the world shut out while I cool my heels. Alone. Aware, there is no one sighing for me.

Debbie Robson is the author of Tomaree, set in Port Stephens and Crossing Paths: the BookCrossing novel inspired by She loves to write fiction set in the first sixty years of the last century. After a long break, she has recently returned to short story writing including stories about an angel who drives a cab in Sydney. She also writes poetry and has performed her poems in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Newcastle.